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Hydraulic Two Chain Timber Deck

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Product Description

Hydraulic Two Chain Timber Deck 
The total length of the conveyor table and extension table is 510 cm. The conveyor chains are rotated by a hydraulic motor and the rotation speed  is adjustable. The hydraulic motors require an external hydraulic system, for example a firewood machine.
Conveyor Table: Main Measurements
Width: 160-220 cm (adjustable)
Height: 75-100 cm (adjustable)
Length of the chain part: 200 cm
Weight: 345 kg
Endures a load of approximately 6000 kg
Extension Table: Main Measurements
Width: 250 cm
Height: 100-120 cm (adjustable) the rear end is 50 cm higher than the front end
Length: 3000 cm
Weight: 215 kg
Endures a load of approximately 9000 kg
Hydraulic Log Deck – $12,750.00

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